Please consider Balance 20/30 WLAN Controller Profiles

Hi , we have been deploying many Balance 20s in many client locations this last 4 months , and have now started into the AP deployment to the WLan Controller of these Balance 20’s ,
we have come across a problem in that the Balance 20’s don’t have any way to create multiple AP profiles , which is forcing us to be restrictive to just one Channel for all the AP’s ,
this is starting to cause some problems in some of our deployments in having other AP’s not under our control to saturate our area under the same channel , the bigger balance’s like 380 - 580
we can have multiple AP profiles and not run into this problem at all .

I know it was suggested by Peplink support to use the original incontrol software , or not use the WLAN controller at all and manage the AP’s individually , both suggestions in my opinion seem to be
not a long term solution i would like to stay with. simplified management and control are the key points we are after and everything is being setup with Incontrol2.

i do see in the balance comparison that Multiple AP profiles is for the larger balances of course . is it possible to maybe allow more then one profile on the Balance 20 ? or an purchasable unlock code
to enable additional profiles ? many clients of ours just don’t need the bigger balances and would rather invest in the wireless network with a solid running balance 20. If i had the ability for a second profile i would
be fine in any location currently having a problem with the single profile Balance 20 restriction.

many thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for your feedback. I want to clarify one thing. It seems to me the root issue is the “same channel for all AP’s” rather than one AP Profile. I mean, if we provide the ability for you to set the channel on each AP separately, are you fine with one AP Profile?


Hi Keith , thank you for your response , you are correct if we are able to set the channel of the individual AP via the WLAN controller that would be perfect and would certainly solve any issue seen now. the Profile was only mentioned as that how we configure them on the other larger balance’s to have channel separation. Thank you for your review of this request.


Hi Darrin,

You can go to “AP Status” and then select detail to set individual unit with desire channel. Here is the screen capture for reference:


Hi Eddy :slight_smile: , thank you for the reply and your picture , i have been in this area before and I seem to have different options that what you are showing in your screen capture.
on the balance 20/30 running firmware 6.1.0 build 2517 I have a “AP Profile” selection that can’t be changed from “Default” if i actually select a channel it won’t allow me
to save it instead it returns a message saying UNKNOWN SELECTION (Both shown in screen Captures) . I assumed this error was because there is a one 1 profile limit to AP profiles on the Balance 20/30,
from what i see there is no way for it to accept the channel i give it by individual AP’s but rather from the “Settings” i can set one channel that seems to be dished out to all the AP’s.

thanks Keith and Eddy for your thoughts on this

I did the capture on 6.1.2 RC. Suggest you to upgrade to 6.1.2 RC. From your capture, it looks like a bug to me. Hope this helps.

Hi Eddy , i upgraded as per your suggestion, and the Error message does now disappear along with the “Ap Profile” that i have circled in the image above, I can now set individual Channels per AP :wink:

Many thanks for your help on this , I have confirmed that bug on multiple Balances running that Same firmware with the Unknown Selection coming up , but all good now

thanks Again ,