Please add Wi-Fi band to the Client List display

The current format of the Client List offers much information in a small, digestable, display. But one thing is missing, the Wi-Fi frequency band. This was not needed in the first two generations of the Surf SOHO as it only worked on the 2.4GHz band. But, now that a single SSID exists on both frequency bands, it would be useful to tell us which frequency band each wireless client is using.


Hello Michael @Michael234,
Not sure if you’ve checked InControl2, at (change planet & organisation details), you can see the band in use.

These four screen captures are from real client systems taken today that are monitored and managed from InControl2.




These devices are connecting to a mixture of:

  • Pepwave APO-RUG
  • Pepwave APO-ENT
  • Pepwave MAX-TST-DUO
  • Peplink PBL-ONE

Directly in a Balance ONE router, we can see the connection types of “ac, na, ng” which will let you know how the client is connecting to the AP controller.

Here is the client list page from a Pepwave APO-RUG, again under the is shows “ac, b, g, a” depending on the connection type.

So on InControl2, you can see the information you are seeking already under the client lists.
On the Peplink routers, you go to the “AP” controller and see there under the “Wireless Client” menu the connection type.
On the Pepwave WAPs, you can go to the “Status” and see there under the "Client List: menu the connection types.

Note: all of these devices are running the latest version of Firmware available at the time. The SOHO is a reduced capabilities product compared to the above examples, though this should help point you to the information you are seeking.

If you can, we recommend using InControl2 to monitor and manage your devices.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:



I (obviously) had not checked InControl2. Thanks for the advice and the screen shots. Of course, a Surf SOHO is missing some features. That is to be expected.

Your WiFi is interesting, some connections are tagged 802.11a. As I recall that was the first 5GHz flavor, I think it was a sibling to B and thus pre-dated Wi-Fi G. I thought it never took off.