Ping and traceroute tool source IP option.

We have on several occasions had the need to be able to run a ping from a specific vlan over a pepvpn tunnel due to corporate traffic not being on the default lan.

In order to do the ping we have to select the pepvpn option in the tool but this means the source IP is the default lan which means the test fails. Would it be possible for a feature to be added to allow the source IP to be chosen when perfoming a ping over a pepvpn tunnel as this would make trouble shooting and configuration checks to be done in a much easier fashion.

Many thanks


Hi Team,

just giving this a little nudge in the hope it might get an answer. It is something which we still keep hitting our head on and would make the ping tool a much more useful feature. This would in our case allow us to do reachability tests and confirm that changes have worked and not broken the customers routing.

Ideally it would be useful if this could also be scheduled in ic2 and the results be accessible via the API so we could graph and report on it.


Hiya James.
In the New connection test feature (target is fw8.3 I think) there is the ability to pick a WAN connection by name and ping from it to a destination at a specified frequency.

This then generates some lovely graphs:

Feels like it would be a neat feature improvement to be able to select the source IP when setting that connection test up.

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