Ping and traceroute over ipsecvpn/default, and new diagnostic tool

I have some units with both pepvpn and ipsecvpn connections. when doing diagnostics using ping and traceroute tou can specify WAN, LAN, CELLULAR and any pepVPN connection, but cannot specify an ipsecvpn.

Also - it would be useful to have “default” setting, meaning "route according to route table.

One additional tool would be helpful: “display routing for IP”. You enter an ip address and it would display where it thinks it is and why.

you enter and it displays
Following route on PEPVPN “Data Center1”
Gateway x.x.x.x

or Following default route
gateway x.x.x.x

This can be very useful in determining where the router thinks a given network can be found.


PepVPN do has a virtual interface that allowed you to do ping or traceroute. So it appears in our diagnostic tool.

Max router a stateful router and has different routing implementation with others brand in the market. In fact, you may get all these routing info via location below:-

  • Status > Active Sessions > Search
  • Status > OSPF & RIPv2
  • Status > SpeedFusion

Yes, you can ping and traceroute targeting a pepvpn,but you cannot target an IPSEC VPN
Also - if you are trying to diagnose why traffic is not working, it is helpful to be able to NOT target a specific virtual interface. To be able to target “default” for a traceroute and see where it goes can help find problems.

Same for the second part - I know that I can see each interface’s routes (except IPSEC), but that does not help when traffic is not going where expected. The request for “display route for IP” is to be able to see where the router thinks it should send traffic for that network/IP. It is a very useful tool.