Pewave MAX BR1 advanced throughput reporting per WAN

Our request relates to collecting statistics about different 3G/LTE card statistics, currently only WAN1 / WAN2 is shown in device and inControl.
Despite the BR1 has 4 different options for WAN connectivity (ETH WAN, WLAN as WAN, SIM1 and SIM 2 as Cellular) only two WAN streams is available for monitoring, that is, WAN1 connected to ETH WAN and WAN2 that is referred as Cellular.
In our solution, where for example only two Cellular SIMs are used, we cannot track the Cellular traffic amount per SIM.
This option is very desirable because different SIMs may have different demands and monthly limits.

So, when BR1 is reporting about throughput, would be nice to have statistics overview of all WAN options:
Cellular SIM Card A
Celular SIM Card B

WLAN as WAN (because this may also involve external modem with 4G).