Personal Firewall Config Setup

I’m new in the Forum and got here because of my hardtime configuring soho firewall.
Not sure if it’s only whitin this model I’m using Surf Soho but … I have a list of Ip’s I would like to block that are up to 2.5M Ips I have been collecting.
So my personal lan configuration is Internet ->| Ipfirewall(DMZ) | Router SurfSoho | ->(wifi - mobiles ) pfsense ->( ethernet - computers) | lan; among with other software firewall and antivirus in each computer/mobile.
I’m struggling to give a boost on Router Surf Soho firewall without being able to configure a rage of IP’s without being able to upload a personal CSV sheet or something else rather then (Ip+mask) 2.5 Million times (example - Ip’s of countries Ip’s I’m willing to alow to browse) ! I quite understand the app block is quite elaborated and extensive as well the autoupdate content blocking but we can’t see what’s being blocked. The grouped networks won’t do the job as well it’s not a range within the Ips I would like to block on the outbond policies and it’s rather concerned to a network of only one Ip and it’s Ip subnetmasks.
So … I’m wondering if it’s just me or I am missing something … or shoud this be considered as an urgent feature to develop on this equipment
Help - Thanks

Hi, Welcome to the forum!
The SOHO is not a device that you would should or could upload 2.5m IPs on to be blocked.

You need a security appliance really, either one running in the cloud that you forward all traffic to, or on the LAN of the SOHO that you send all traffic via.

pfBlocker on your pfSense is where I would likely start as that’s pretty easy.

Thank you for your atention. Well I supose I can use a cloud for pfsense instead of a virtual machine. Thats an idea. but anyways I missed this Ip ranges feature as well having a look of what’s being auto blocked in the content blocker- last update was in January after 6 months nothing new came in.