Periodically (and automatically) test cellular failover

I am looking for way to periodically and automatically test the cellular failover on our Balance 20’s and 20X’s.
The 20/20X’s either have SIMs or USB modems in them.
Ideally, I would like to run a script against a unit that would disconnect WAN1 for three minutes and then reenable it. I have notifications already setup to alert when WAN1 and Mobile Internet connections go down and come back online.
Obviously, I don’t want to just click on WAN! “Disconnect” - in case the cellular connection is not “ready” then I would lose connection all together.
Any ideas?

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Hi. You can’t just enable health checks on all WANs and watch your e-mail or Router Utility for notifications of failures?

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I do have health checks enabled - and do get up/down notification.
I’m looking for something more proactive to verify that the failover connection has been tested and is working.
I’ve had this thought for a while now. But, have on site that seems to not failover correctly and need a way to test it (remotely).
The Mobile Internet connection is in “Standby” and shows an IP from the carrier. So from what I can see, the only option is to hit “Disconnect” on the WAN1 connection; but if the Mobile Internet connection is flakey then I just may lose my remote connection and then require someone onsite to remediate things. I don’t want to do that.

You could use schedule on the wire wan to make unavailable from say 2am - 215am.
Maybe that would help with your test?


Did not know that feature was there. It is 30 minute increments, but might do the trick. I’ll have to play with that. Looks like you create firewall rules and then give it a scheduled time. I’ll have to figure out that out.
I’ll reply with what I find.

You can apply the schedule to a wan as well.

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Did not know that. I will find out where that is at.

Once you define a schedule you can see it on the top.


OK, I found how to add a schedule to a WAN port.
That seems to work. It is a bit longer than I wanted - the schedule only allows for 30 minute increments. But it is triggered in the middle of the night, so should not make a difference if it is 5 minutes or 30.
I have run this on a test unit and I am seeing the notifications that I am expecting. I will roll this out to a couple sites (near by) and if all is good, then push it out to the other sites.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Great I’m glad we were able to help!