Periodic Peplink device auto reboot/restart

As one of our Peplink Balance 300 routers (BA300) periodically but irregularly stops resolving external DNS queries, and another is having issues passing SIP traffic, it would be nice when there is an option for the Peplink Balance router device, to restart/reboot itself on a user defined schedule.

For instance: restart/reboot every first of the month, or every sunday at 03:00 AM, or once every three months.

We haven’t had any report of similar behaviour. In fact most of our Balance 300 models are still in running pretty well after many years of service.

Not entirely sure if an auto-reboot feature would be appropriate at this point but we will take a closer look at it.

This behavior was reported July 3th 2009, in ticket #14501

Our experience after 5 years:
1 out of 3 Balance 300’s is still running pretty well (this unit is having lowest traffic).
1 out of 3 Balance 300’s is having these reboot on SIP traffic or no SIP traffic at all issues (this is the only BA300 where SIP is used on a daily basis).
1 out of 3 Balance 300’s was having DHCP issues (does not issue IP address to reserved device), this unit has already been replaced under warranty [Ticket #12093], but infrequent stopping of DNS resolving issues appeared.