Performance testing of 30, 310, and 390

I did a post comparing some at-home performance of three of your devices, and posted the results here:

The counter-intuitive result was that the 30 seemed to perform a lot better than the 310. Wanted to let you guys know about it just in case there’s something wrong with my 310 or I should have tried things differently.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your review of the Peplink routers. We are always happy to know when Peplink could provide faster, more reliable Internet to our customers like yourself. Your test results show that Peplink routers are giving you performance matching or better than our listed specifications.

Regarding your comments on 210/310’s overall value, I’d like to point out that these models are designed with a focus towards the business/office market, and they deliver a host of enterprise features that are not found in the 20/30. The comparison chart has all the details (, but I’d still like to highlight a few key differences below for your reference.

  • Site-to-Site Bandwidth/VPN Bonding. This enables customers to create big VPN pipes from low-cost Internet connections, and in many cases, to replace expensive leased lines/MPLS. Huge savings while increasing total bandwidth. More about bandwidth bonding:

  • Drop-in Mode (also known as Transparent/Bridge mode). This allows a Peplink router to be deployed in an existing network without incurring any configuration changes to existing devices (e.g the router and firewall). This kind of setup is common in business networks and Drop-in Mode makes the deployment very simple. More info:

  • Inbound Load Balancing. For customers hosting their own web/content servers, this feature (plus the built-in Authoritative DNS Server) can help them scale the WAN bandwidth easily by adding more Internet links as the demand grows. More info:

  • Others such as PPTP VPN Server, advanced load balancing algorithms and QoS.

  • 1U Enclosure. Finally, the 210/310 also come in a nice 1U enclosure, with rackmount kit.

In our opinion, routing performance is one of the many aspects a customer evaluates when making a purchase decision. I certainly agree that power/home users may prefer routing performance over enterprise features, suffice to say, the 20/30 can fit their requirements well enough. However, with the extra enterprise features, the 210/310 stand as solid and valuable products in the business market.

Best regards,

Keith Chau

General Manager

The Peplink Team