Performance based routing across WAN (monitoring of MOS)

Dear Peplink

Since i deployed peplink about 1.5 years ago i must admit i am pleasantly surprised and have been very happy with your product to the point where i am now virtually completely standardized on the products.

One feature which consistently have been mentioned again and again in the forums here is the ability to monitor MOS which is critical to RTP applications.

The bonding is great but the ability to route critical voice/video packets out of the best performing link automatically is something i feel is missing when comparing to other SD-WAN such as Cisco or Talari networks.

is this something you are looking at?

Hi ,

My friend can you clarify how other solutions do the link quality check ?
a long time ago we proposed Peplink to deploy link quality check based on “ping time / packet lost / number of disconnection” which can help users to have smoother internet connection.

Is that what you need ?