Per VLAN Bandwidth Controls

There is no VLAN-based bandwidth control on the Peplink devices._

We are limited to the three Bandwidth Groups in QoS > Bandwidth Control:
Manager / Staff / Guest.

With VLAN bandwidth control we could have a much larger number of options, one customer use case is for multi-occupancy dwellings sharing a fibre line, and to avoid super-users creating too much contention on the link.

Thoughts anyone?


+1 For this request

We have a project at the moment with this exact use case, an 18 apartment block with 100Mb leased line and we have no way of controlling the bandwidth available to each apartment using peplink routers we want to put in (Balance Two / 310x)

Including this feature which is available on £100 TP-Link routers would open up use cases for Peplink routers massively.