Per Client WiFi Speed


We are using InControl2 to manage our WiFi. We have multiple locations across the state that utilize Peplink/Pepwave hardware exclusively.

We have a standard SSID set for all our locations, to allow for a seamless WiFi experience regardless of where employees are at, as most do travel from location to location.

We have set the per client limit on speeds for that specific SSID to 2Mbps in InControl2.

The problem is, some of our locations are on an 8/4Mbps connection. When we get an influx of employees at one location, the internet there can ground to a halt if too many wireless devices are taking up the total allotted bandwidth.

Is there a way in InControl2 or a planned feature that would allow us to set a bandwidth limit for wireless clients per location instead of the blanket SSID settings through the “Group Wide SSID” feature.

We would really like to stay with managing our WiFi through InControl2, as it provides useful analytics that we don’t get when managing each locations WiFi from a balance router.

Am also noticing that the local bandwidth settings on the Balance routers don’t apply to wireless devices, even though the local router sees each wireless device as a local client associated with their respective grouping, when we manage the WiFi through InControl2.

Any help would be appreciated.



Yes. Use multiple WiFI SSID profiles in IC2 with exactly the same name/SSID and password but apply them to a subset of devices using tags. Then set different bandwidth limits on each profile.

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Thank you for this. Will give it a try.