pepWave wifi/WAN same subet as LAN doesn't work

I use my pepWave on a boat, and use various marina Wi-Fi’s when available. Sometimes the marina Wi-Fi hands out the same subnet as my LAN. with a gateway of Which is the same as the pepWave is handing out on the LAN port.

When this happens, nothing routes. I don’t care about reaching any addresses on the marina’s Wi-Fi, I just want to route through their gateway.

I feel like I’ve had devices in the past that delt ok? Is there any setting to cope with this?

There are some devices on the LAN with some hard-coded IPs that prevent me from changing the LAN’s subnet ATM.


Your WAN can’t use a gateway IP that is also assigned to the LAN - hence the routing confusion. You can have the same subnet on both WAN and LAN though its the IP conflict specifically that is stopping this from working.

Can you change the gateway IP that they are using? If so change your Peplink LAN IP away from 0.1 and you shoul be fine.

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Yes I can, and I have, and it works! I’m writing this post routing through a marina wi-fi w/ the same subnet. Just changed the pepWave router’s IP

Thanks so much!

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