PepWave VPN

Hi all

I am having some issues whilst setting up the VPN, Local and Remote IDs are showing as invalid. I do not know what the remote IP address would be so unsure how to resolve this. Anyone able to assist

What is the box at the other end of this tunnel, as how you configure the IKE Auth on that side will matter here.

Peplink is expecting a U-FQDN in that box, or the DN for an x509 cert.

Its a pepwave MAX, the other side has bnot been set up yet as i cannot get past this screen.

Do yourself a favour then and use PepVPN not IPSEC. It is much simpler to setup.

As long as one side has a static IP (or a dynamic one with a dynnamic-dns map to it) that will be a lot simpler to implement.

thanks for your replies

all working :slight_smile: