Pepwave units for Drones and Unmanned Systems

Hello Peplink Users!
I would like to share two Pepwave units modified for specific use on Drones and Unmanned Systems.

beyAIR-SOLO (MAX BR1-Mini)
beyAIR-DUO (SpeedFusion Engine)

Our goal was to lower the units weight as much as possible. On the beyAIR-SOLO we cutted down 100g, on the beyAIR-DUO 150g.

If you should have drone and unmanned systems project where weight is an issue, get in contact to us.

Thanks, Jarno


Hello @Jarno_Puff,
That’s rather clever, I google your SKUs and took a look at the what could be seen on the internet

Be great to see some implementation photos of the SpeedFusion Duo when you have an opportunity to post.
I’d be interested in working with you on these and your systems for Australia & New Zealand. PM me and we can exchange details to talk further.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus,
we will post some pictures as soon we have the first business case with the DUO. The SOLO is still in use by few customers. However, the DUO will be a killer application as the regulation for drones flying in urban locations need to have some redundancy on the com link.

Best, Jarno

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Second round! The beyAIR-DUO on the SFE basis. However weight of about 200g instead of 350g and standard SMA connectors.