Pepwave undiscoverable on my PC

My Pepwave Max Transit Duo is not listed as an available wireless network on my Windows 10 PC. I’m in an RV. I was connected yesterday, but today, in my new location, the router is not visible. Here’s what I have done so far to troubleshoot: The Pepwave is visible and connected to other devices (iPhone, Apple TV, even my Dell Laptop running Windows 10). On my PC I’ve run network diagnostics, reset network, and even uninstalled and reinstalled Qualcomm Wireless Network Adapter updating with latest firmware. I’ve tinkered with WAP settings in the PepWave admin interface for each SSID. I even created another SSID running through all security connection settings. I have rebooted the router. I disabled my PCs AV software. I’m stumped, and have resorted to a CAT6 connection which works fine. Anyone have any suggestions?