Pepwave UBR-LTE Router - specify WAN for ethernet vs wifi

Hello - I have a UBR router with 2 sim cards inserted for connectivity, 1 from Verizon and 1 from AT&T. On the LAN side, I have about 10 devices connected via Wifi and 1 device connecting via ethernet cable. I am trying to set it up so that all wifi traffic travels over the AT&T sim card and the ethernet connection travels over the Verizon sim card. Any suggestions on the easiest way to set that up?

This is assuming you have 1 sim card per radio and not both sim cards in the same radio.
For your case you can create two rules one for cell 1 and one for cell2.

Put this rule at the top.
You can setup an Outbound Policy to specify the source as the wifi.
The rule would look like this.

Then create a second rule that would cover your entire lan network range.

The first rule for the wifi will go first and anything not on that wifi will be caught by the second rule.


Thank you… I will give that a shot.

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