Pepwave Surf - USB Printer?

Tech support at my reseller (nice lady!) informs me that the USB port on the router will not support a USB printer so that I cannot do WiFi printing. She was pretty persuasive but I’d like a definitive ruling.

Can I command a print job from my laptop using WiFi through my Pepwave router by USB to my printer?


Can you not connect that printer by ethernet or wi-fi?

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No, it isn’t equipped with either ethernet or WiFi capability. Prior to my Pepwave I’ve been using it as described above - USB Type B to USB Type A from the printer to the router. I presume my previous router had some print server capability behind the USB Type A connector. Since Pepwave I’ve had to connect from the printer directly to my computer.

Before I give up on it I want to make sure I can’t run the same printer cable to the USB Type A port on the Pepwave router. Presumably the router would need to have some print server capability. That’s the basis of my question.

OK. Well, I am not aware of any Peplink routers that are designed the way your previous router was. Peplink tends to address a different market than do some of the “other” manufacturers. However, one option you have it so connect that printer to a computer on the LAN and then share it.

Gratuitous, unsolicited comment: Once you use an ethernet-connected printer you’ll never turn back. :smiley:

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Thanks, Rick - I was almost certain of the answer but verification helps.