Pepwave Surf Soho - Which antennae for external?

Morning! Quick question, there are three antennae for the Pepwave Soho, A, B, and C. I have the device configured inside the boat, but would like to run at least one of the antennae for Wifi WAN to either the topside of the boat or maybe external.

Which if the three antennae connectors would I use if I wanted to move one of the antennae to topside of boat? Are they all the same Wifi and Mimo doesn’t care as it uses whichever connection is strongest?

Thank you!

I have a Surf SOHO with external 2x MIMO (Panorama 5 in 1) never have got a definitive answer if it makes any difference. In my testing you can do any port internal or external and they seem equal. If I do two outside and one inside I get slightly better Wifi WAN if I do two inside slightly better LAN coverage, but its hard to notice being in a fiberglass RV, if it had a metal shell it might be much more pronounced.

Thank you! I was pretty sure with MIMO, it will take the best antennae connection and use it, so if I put two antennae outside and leave the main antennae connected to the SOHO inside - should be best solution.

But as you said, would be great if we had a definitive answer.