Pepwave Surf SOHO WAN very slow

I have optimum 101 Mbps service. I was getting 120 Mbps down and 40 Mbps upload when I had my Netgear router installed. After installing the Pepwave Surf SOHO I am lucky to get 20-45 Mbps down and 10-30 Mbps upload. I change the WAN Port speed from “Auto” to “100 Mbps FULL DUPLEX” which seemed to help. That change got me to 45 Mbps from 35 Mbps but that speed is not consistent. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Can you open ticket for us to check further. Please help to turn on Remote Assistance on Surf Soho when you open ticket.

Thank you.

Did you ever reach a resolution to this problem?

We currently have 4 SOHO devices at 4 different locations with 4 different ISPs experiencing the same exact issue.

From the wired LAN connection we receive the advertised ISP speeds 75MB, 100MB, etc download.

Using the WiFi we receive unusable speeds hovering around <1MB to 5MB.

This issue also obviously affects the upload speeds as well.