Pepwave Surf SOHO router End of Life


Now that the Pepwave Surf SOHO is now at router End of Life cycle, how much longer would it be worth using the router for? And what would be a similar replacement model?



The entire line is EOL? Including the MK3?

According to website Mk3 as well I believe. Website where found info.

To my knowledge the Soho mk3 is not being discontinued. The website references the previous Soho version

@mystery, why would your first comment be the entire line of models? Peplink just came out with MK3 and would EOL it?

I have worked in the medical field for over a decade and EOL is usually 5-7 years for those…

Are you commenting to comment or actually doing the research on the devices?

The OP said the SOHO is going EOL. That is apparently incorrect. Older revisions are. OP was confused. Obvious choice would be a newer revision SOHO as the “similar replacement” model. It actually seems like you are the one here “commenting to comment” you added ZERO value to this thread. Congrats that you worked in the medical field for over a decade. What if I said I worked as a plumber for two decades and EOL is usually… never mind. Have a great day.

Thanks for pointing the error out, for some reason I ended up on that site searching for a Firmware update. Need to be more vigilante and double check in future that I’ve actually got the right result/page. It may have been because Peplink products are mostly available on re-seller sites, and some of their info is probably wrong or out of date.

Would love a SOHO MK4, my MK3 has been nearly perfect for my RV, very reliable, WiFI wan with USB modem support and 4 port switch running directly off 12v, the only thing lacking is CPU speed for routing throughput and VPN.

Take the CPU out of the new BR1 5g for gigabit throughput and update the WiFI 6 while somehow keeping the cost down because that new BR1 has an eye watering price increase.

@Cassy_Mak could you clarify this on the homepage, please?

This is Cassy from the Peplink Marketing team.

We don’t have an EOL plan for Surf SOHO yet.
I will follow up on “Peplink End of Life Products |” which listed out the fault information.

But we always listen to comments on new product development. If you have any idea on the next generation of Surf SOHO (although we don’t have time yet), please feel free to continue the discussion here.

My suggestions for a new Surf Soho “MK4” comes in two parts, extending the life of the current MK3, and a new MK4. To extend the life of MK3:

  • Fully implement SQM (Smart Queue Management) for handling bufferbloat. Take a look at the reddit eero forum to see the demand for SQM. Eero customers are screaming for it (literally) because it isn’t yet implemented in their eero 6 and eero 6 Pro introduced a year ago and they all know essential SQM was in the prior eero Wi-Fi 5 generation. It is essential for asymmetrical Cable where upload speeds are far lower than download speeds and you want SQM to make Zoom and gaming work well. Peplink needs to get the Mitigate Bufferbloat option working for downloads as well as the current Mitigate Bufferbloat upload functionality. Or Peplink needs to implement Cake, the successor to fq_codel (used in eero). You can also see the demand for SQM to handle Bufferbloat over the years in this forum.

  • Unleash full Outbound Policy functionality for the MK3 so that people can configure what the traffic they want on the WAN port, Wi-Fi as WAN, and the WAN USB port. Customers have mixtures of traditional cable (or DSL) with a proliferating variety of simultaneous active options, from the traditional Wi-Fi as WAN (RV’ers particularly for MK3), to mobile hot spots, Xfinity Wi-Fi hot spots, etc. And they need to prioritize where Zoom goes, sometimes dynamically (RV park), i.e., re-arranging the Priority Order in an Outbound Policy. Oh, and how about Starlink plus cellular for dealing with Starlink dropouts as satellites pass out of range. If you want to see a Surf Soho customer struggling in this area, see Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

For a new MK4:

  • Handle 250Mbps to 350Mbps with SQM enabled.

  • Wi-Fi 6. This will likely become more and more important for Wi-Fi as WAN.

Is the AP ONE AC Mini HW2 at end of life?

Is the AP ONE AC Mini HW2 at end of life?

We don’t have an EOL plan for AP ONE AC Mini yet either. Why do you ask so?

Great! I asked because it is listed on the Peplink End of Life Products here: Peplink End of Life Products |

This has probably more to do with the shortage of certain products and advertisement for newer products? Like going from LTE to LTEA?