Pepwave Surf SOHO - Modem Details

I replaced my Cradlepoint MBR 1000 with the Pepwave Surf SOHO primarily for the ability to monitor bandwidth usage at the router level. One of the features I miss from the Cradlepoint is the ability to see the signal strength of the modem using the admin function of the router. That would be cool to have in the SOHO.

Posting this as a feature request was suggested by the folks at 3GStore

Good folks at 3GStore.

Yes this is something we can look into. Which make and model is your modem?

Are you using the Surf SOHO at home, office or on your RV? Trust that it is working great for you?

Tag on bottom says Surf SOHO- product code is SUS–SOHO. Serial number is 2830–DFF9– 8124. Using product at home and is working great. hope this information helps.


Thanks Don. How about the make and model is your USB LTE/3G modem? We will be looking into supporting this feature for all compatible USB modems of course but knowing which one you have on hand is a good starting point.

Pantech UM175 (Verizion)