Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Router with Fiber & ONT Any Issues?

Hello to everyone, I have a Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 currently hooked up to Comcast Cable. It is connected through an ARRIS Modem. I now have fiber Internet in my neighborhood and I wonder what connectivity issues, if any, I need to know about. I know the speed on the Surf is way below 1GB Fiber but beyond the speed are there any issues connecting to the ONT that the fiber company would run to the house.

I assume some members here run a Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 with a fiber connection?

Thank you for any first hand experience or guidance. My Comcast Internet speed runs at 80MP Down and 6 Up so I assume I can get to 120+ MB if I understand the specs correctly.

Hello, I have bought recently a Peplink SOHO for home application. Currently I have the ISP router in bridge mode and DHCP, SOHO works fine with a maximum speed limit of 170MB/sg.

If you are planning to connect the Peplink SOHO with the ONT using PPPoE the only drawbak is that SOHO does not supports IEEE802.1p, this implies that you will not be able to use the telephony and TV services provided by the ISP through the optic fiber.

There is a request of another user by 2016 requesting the IEEE801.1p support but it seems it is not a Peplink priority. I have also commented this subject with the local distributor of Peplink at my country, and he has also requested this capability that probably is not a must for office usage but it is a drawback for home applications.

If you do not require or plann to use telephony or TV services of the ISP, SOHO is fine for the application, you can connect it with the ONT through PPPoE configuring the user, password in SOHO, enabling VLAN tick and intruducing the VLAN ID of the Internet service.

I recommend you to be sure that you can get this information before changing the ISP, in my country for example, ISP does not provide the user and password information, and you have to manage to get it out from the router provided, which sometimes it is not easy, probably in your case this is not an issue.

Saloiche, thank you so much for responding to my question. The information you provided was very helpful. I had considered TV services would be an issue but was planning on Fiber telephony and I overlooked that issue. This is exactly why I posted the original question, I was concerned I missed something and you do not want to find out after you have made the change.

Thank you again and I am sure your response will also be helpful to others when the topic is searched in the future.

Thank you Surfn2021, good to know that this information is helpful for you,

This functionality does not has an ETA, but it could be implemented by version 8.3. First they need to finish the implementation of multi WAN support using VLANs, which is targeted by 8.2.0.

Hi again, I am on Firmware 8.0.0., purchased a few months back new from the 5GStore. Everything works, never crashes, so I am in no rush to make any changes. At some point I may update but for now I am happy. I also use an ARRIS Surfboard (SB6182 as I recall) which I have read can be problematic, no issues with my modem and the SOHO.

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