Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 Router + Spectrum

Does Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 Router work with Spectrum?

If so, do I have to use Firmware 7.1.2, as Michael Horowitz says?
Thanks, Art Ford

The Surf SOHO doesn’t really care what it’s WAN port is connected to – so long as it’s standards-compliant Ethernet. A configuration such as internet → Spectrum → cable modem → SOHO is very common and well-supported. You should expect no issues. For ease of implementation I’d suggest using your own cable modem rather than a gateway gizmo furnished by Spectrum. (At present, at least in the markets with which we are familiar, Spectrum will loan you a modem at no charge. We have a couple and some of our customers do as well. That’s a very good deal.)

As to 7.1.2: Michael (@Michael234) has spent a lot of time with Peplink products and some well-founded opinions vis-a-vis various releases of FW. 7.1.2 is stable and we have also had fine results with 8.0.2. Perhaps he (and others) would care to comment?

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Thanks Rick from Elite Team for the very useful response. I plan to buy the Surf Soho MK3 today. Hopefully, Michael H. will see this and update his findings re FW 8.0.2.
Like many Spectrum customers, I have a free Technicolor modem loaned to me by Spectrum. Is that secure enough or are you suggesting I should get my own modem, e.g., is the one loaned to me “a gateway gizmo furnished by Spectrum”?

Hello @fortisy,

To be clear, I suggested using firmware 7, just a suggestion based on one persons experience. More precisely, I ran into assorted bugs in firmware 8, too many, in my opinion. I have used firmware 8.1.1 for a bit and found no problems, but way too early to form an opinion. Also, firmware 8 is a bit sluggish on the Surf SOHO.

I have been in software biz for longer than you would believe. As a rule, its best to avoid new software and wait for the first couple bug fix releases. Certainly true of iOS the last couple releases. Heck, how many bugs are in Windows 10 after 5 years? And the monthly Android list of bugs was huge the last time I looked. Same with Peplink. To that end, I started using firmware 8 with 8.0.2 having skipped the first two releases. But, buggy nonethless. Heck, 8.0.2 wouldn’t even install on the Surf SOHO at first. Firmware 8.1 will also have big changes, so again, I would avoid it - for a while.

And recognize the Surf SOHO is a low end device. If you have more than 20 or so (my opinion) devices, it might not have the horsepower.

Not to give you wrong impression, you are doing the right thing by going with Peplink. Heck, this Forum alone is part of the justification.

As for the modem, the less hardware you have from Spectrum the better off you are. I am also a Spectrum customer and use a Netgear cable modem. Spectrum has to update the firmware on the modem and they don’t. Mine is way behind on available updates. I don’t know how well they do updating software on other brand modems, but they stink with Netgear. They are a monopoly (by and large) so no need to do a good job. And Netgear only offers tech support on the modem for 23 minutes after it boots up. After that, you have to pay to ask them a question.

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Hi Michael:
Thanks for the useful reply. You have provided invaluable info on router security to many (Peplink should be paying you:)
So I will buy the Surf Soho today. to replace a 2009 Netgear WNR1000 v3 N150 wireless router (2017 firmware update) with 100 MB limit.
I assume the Surf Soho MK3 comes with that latest firmware (8.1.1?) and will hope for the best. If not, I will have to ask how replace ver. 8.1.1 with firmware 7.1.2 which I have already downloaded.
I will worry about my free Spectrum Technicolor modem later on, once I get the Surf Soho MK3 working right.
Thanks, CMA

That “Elite Team” is just a “thing” Peplink attaches to my name. I’m really a “nobody.” ;<)

The Technicolor modem Spectrum with which Spectrum has provided you is fine – no security issues at all. We have one in service as do at least two of our customers that I know of. You can use your own, of course, but there is no reason to do so in this case. What I’d suggest you avoid is a combination gateway/wi-fi AP, etc. But I think that’s not what you have.

So, my opinion differs from Michael’s in this regard, but only on the issue of the modem.

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It does not matter the firmware that is pre-installed. Peplink gives you full control over this. You can download any firmware version you prefer from their website. To steal from Seinfeld, you are the master of your domain :slight_smile: Manually installing new software is straightforward. You first download it from Peplink (its just one file), then upload that file to the router. Look in the System tab for the firmware updating.

You can get a feel for what to expect here

And, be aware of this trick

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