Pepwave Surf SOHO - how long MK3 hw revision to be supported?

Dear Peplink Team,

For small office I am looking for stable, reliable and secure wifi router with consistent long term support. Pepwave Surf SOHO seems to be good choice for such purpose. I was searching in forum, specs, data sheet and other internet resources. I still have following questions:

  1. As far as I understood latest hw revision is MK3 which was released 2016. How long it will to be supported by firmware updates - Is there any target date when the support will be dropped and device will not receive firmware updates anymore?

  2. Is firmware used in Surf SOHO device specific only or it is also used in other Peplink products e.g. X series, Balance as it seems from firmware download webpage?

  3. Could I manually adjust 2.4GHz and 5GHz Operating Frequency (channels) as I think some are slightly different (missing) in US in comparison to EU?

  4. I am based in EU in Czech Republic. From which reseller do you recommend to buy Peplink also taking into account warranty? Is e.g. NL eshop good choice? I have not found it on

  5. Does Surf SOHO router always comes with 3 antennas included?

Thank you

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OK, I’ll take a stab at this, absent an “official” reply from a Peplink employee. :smile:

  1. I suspect you will find it difficult to get a firm commitment but I can say this: Peplink has done an extraordinary job of supporting older hardware versions with the latest FW. The only time that’s not done is when the HW limitations prohibit it. Example: The HW version prior to the SOHO Mk3 still runs the latest FW.
  2. The FW is not exactly the same for all models, however there is a common “thread” that runs through all of it design-wise. Example: Once you set up a Pepwave BR1 you’d find it easy to configure a SOHO. Heuristically, there is not a big “jump” between models, particularly for core functions, although there are differences as one would expect given differences in capabilities.
  3. Yes.
  4. No knowledge as I’m the USA. Perhaps someone else can contribute here.
  5. Yes.

Dear Rick,

Thanks for your reply. It sounds good esp. firmware support is very important for me.

One more question related to HW versions - what hardware components are actually used? What type of CPU, chipset is in, what is ROM and RAM size and type etc.? I have not found any indication nor in product specs neither in data sheet…

I am still not sure how to buy Pepwave Surf SOHO in EU (ideally in or close to Czech Rep., Prague) from regular Peplink distributor - I like to avoid and similar type of sellers.

I would highly appreciate if anybody could suggest.

Thank you in advance

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The list of certified partners in Europe is availabe at

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