Pepwave Surf Soho as Access Point

I need a something behind my pfsense box that will use the DHCP leases and VLANs assigned by the pfsense box with all the other network devices connected to it, both wired and WiFi. The purpose of this is to remove the double NAT of my current system, (Asus RT-AC3200 behind the pfsense box). I recently acquired a new Surf Soho thinking it would do the trick behind the pfsense box, but at this point it doesn’t appear it will work.
Will the Surf work behind the pfsense box to remove the double NAT?
If so, any and all help and guidance in configuring it to do so is invited and much appreciated.
If not, that’s what I need to know.

So you have a pfsense box that is the gateway router and has a bunch of VLANs and you want a wifi access point that presents some of those vlans over wifi - that sum it up?
How many vlans?

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3 VLANs at this time, possibly 4 in the future, not including untagged LAN; some wifi and some wired connections for each VLAN and untagged LAN.

Right, so the SOHO wouldn’t be my first choice for this role. What you really want is an access point like the AP One rather than a router.
However, if you ignore the WAN on the SOHO -create all the VLANs you need on its LAN (disable DHCP on each VLAN) and connect the LAN of the pfsense to the LAN of the SOHO. You can add wifi SSIDS within those same VLANS on the soho and you’re done. Then the SOHO will effectively act as an access point and extend your pfsense VLANS.


Thank You sir, this worked on the first try.