Pepwave Surf Soho and Sierra Momentum Aircard NAT 3 issues

I am not very good at this sort of thing, but I am trying to play online on PS3 and PS4. My Nat type is 3 and to restrictive. Here is some more info:


Pepwave Surf SOHO


6.1.2 build 1550

I have a 4G mobile Sierra Momentum AT&T hooked into it. I have an unlimited data plan that carried over from Alltel. I could play online with Alltel but not so much with this new setup. It is just too restrictive. I can log on to PSN but when trying to play games I am all alone and can’t join friends that have less restrictions on their NAT type. I bought the equipment from the 3G store and they had me update the routers firmware and do this:

Enable UPnP and NAT-PMP which did allow me to log into PSN but now I can not get into any games as it is still too restrictive. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I don’t know too much about this type of thing so any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Are you sure it’s AT&T? Alltel was bought by Verizon. It won’t work with Verizon because they employ their own NAT, which you cannot bypass, on their 4G network. The only way to get a publically routable IP address is to pay Verizon a one-time $500 fee.

Absolutely sure, already received greetings from them and a welcome kit. AT&T may be the same way, but I was hoping for a way to bridge the connection or do some port forwarding to get past this issue. I just honestly have no idea how to the the bridging or port forwarding but I have been reading article after article.

It’s At&t. I have the same problem. The only solution is if At&t would assign you a static public IP, and they only do that for business accounts. I tried to get them to set it up for me but they refused.

Although not unlimited, another option would be to get Verizon’s LTE Installed if it’s available where you are. It actually works like real internet and gives you a public ip.

Another solution that I’m looking into is a vpn. This one apparently allows you to set up ports to forward. My problem with VPN is that I have to find one that doesn’t increase my ping substantially as well as allowing port forwarding.

Eef979: If you followed our gaming tip sheet you should have also set up a couple firewall rules. We’ve found AT&T tends to be a bit trickier in regards to getting a NAT type 1 or 2. Getting a NAT type 2 moderate is possible even without a static IP, but having the static does of course help.

Could I have a link to that? I’d like to try it but I can only find it on 3gstore…which I didn’t buy the soho from them so I don’t have access to it.