Pepwave Surf SOHO 802.0.2 build 1480, What is going on?

My SOHO connects to a 16-port switch.
Two ports of the switch connect to TP-Link access points
I access one AP with a Samsung S6 tablet.
The SOHO AP is disabled.
In Network LAN I have have defined ‘Robins LAN’ and the assigned the TP-Link AP EC:08:6B:FB:70:F4 to
When I reboot the TP-Link AP, it goes through its usual routine, white circle, flashing white circle, blue circle. After that I can access the wifi newtwork form the Samsung tablet.

Puzzle 1: The tablet just lists one available network as ‘Unifi’. Where Unifi is defined? Why does it not use the name I specified, ‘Robins LAN’…

Puzzle 2: Why do I not see the TP-Link APs listed on the tablet. I should have two identical units in sight, one at greater range? And be able to choose bewtween them.

Puzzle 3: My desktop is plugged directly into SOHO beside the Enet going to the 16-port switch. When I arp-a on the Desktop PC, I do not see either AP. I cannot ping, yet the tablet says it is working.

I am trying to log into the AP settings but cannot because it is not there!

Can anyone give me some pointers as to what is going on? Or what to do next?

First of all -welcome to the forum!

If it was me I’d factory reset the TPLINK APs and start again to be sure.

Unifi is the default SSID for ubiquiti APs not TPLINKs.

Are the TPLINK APs some sort of mesh system perhaps?

If it is a mesh system, there is typically a master/control AP that acts as a gateway/router to and from the MESH. If you look at the client list in the SOHO status page what do you see? DO you see the AP IPs listed? What IP address is your tablet getting? Is it in the same range as the SOHO?