Pepwave Surf OTG WiFi as WAN to automatically connect to multiple networks

I am currently building an internet solution for my car as I drive to multiple locations and each has different WiFi networks. In between each site I would obviously use LTE/3G however I want to use WiFi as WAN at each of the different locations I visit as LTE data is very expensive in Australia.
I have access to each of the WiFi networks at each site, however they are unrelated to each other (different SSID, different passwords, etc) and so would need to build a list of pre-configured networks within the router.

I am wondering if the Surf OTG will automatically connect to a pre-configured network within the list or do I need to specify each time I pull up at each site the SSID to connect too?

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Yes, SOTG will automatically get connected to available Wi-Fi network within the pre-defined SSID list.

I have tested and confirmed it is working as mentioned above.

Thanks and regards.

That’s great news WeiMing and exactly what I was hoping to hear. I assume this would be the case with the SOHO as well. I really didn’t want to have to log on and manually connect to each SSID at each location so to have it automatically connect to any of the preset SSID networks is fantastic! Thanks for the reply