Pepwave Surf on the Go Wifi as Wan-Bridge Mode drops connection with client inactivity

I have a Pepwave Surf on the Go using Wifi(only) as the WAN connection(unit is in bridge mode.) Unit is in Bridge Mode(have also tried router mode.) Bridge mode functions correctly passes dhcp to wired guest connected to the unit via ethernet. The problem I’m having is that after a short period of inactivity on the computer connected to the ethernet port the Wifi as Wan drops the connection(at least it appears to.) If I’m using the connected pc I can access the configuration of the Pepwave over the network using it’s WAN ip(which is actually an internal IP address) from a machine connected to the network on the WAN side of the Pepwave(can also connect using same WAN ip using the computer connected via ethernet to the Pepwave as should be expected in bridge mode everything being on the same subnet.) During this same time I can also access the ethernet connected PC via VNC. If I discontinue use of the PC connected via ethernet to the Pepwave(computer stays on, power management is set to keep the computer always on and NIC always on) wait about 5 or 10 minutes and try to access the configuration page then no luck. Also if I try to connect to the connected PC using VNC no luck. If I go to the PC connected to the ethernet side of the pepwave and either try going online or try accessing the config page of the Pepwave connectivity to both devices from the WAN side inward is restored until the next period of inactivity on the client side. With the Pepwave in bridge mode I don’t see any keep alive option available. Has anyone else experienced this before or does anyone have a suggestion to remedy this? The purpose behind this setup is trying to remotely support a pc that runs a photobooth from my local network while also giving the photobooth some online capabilities it requires(hence the bridge mode setup.)

Can you share the hardware and firmware version?