Pepwave surf on-the-go compatable with ZTE Mobley ZTE VM 6200


The comparability chart does not show the ZTE Mobley VM 6200. I would like to connect a surf on-the-go router to my Mobley via the USB port and not via WiFi as WAN. Can this be done and if so are there instruction specific to this connection? My Mobley is connected to the USA AT&T wireless network.


Hello timjet,

Can you please confirm that you are on firmware version 1.0.30? You can find your firmware version by logging into the Surf on the Go and clicking the Settings button. On the top of the page you should now see Firmware, click on that and it will load your current firmware version.

If you are on the most recent version of firmware and the USB Modem doesn’t work, please feel free to open a ticket here so our engineers can look at the device.


Thanks Zach for the quick replay. I haven’t bought a Pepwave SOG router, but before I do I want to make sure that I can use it as I envision. I would like to connect the Pepwave SOG router to my ZTE Mobley VM 6200 MiFi unit via it’s mini USB connection. Can you tell me if this connection will work with the Mobley and the Pepwave. Others have connected the Pepwave SOG via WiFi as WAN so I it works but i prefer to connect it via USB.


Hello timjet,

I was able to find another customer that had said the ZTE Mobley worked, but I wasn’t able to find the model that they had been using.

Thank you,


I just completed the set up using the ZTE Mobley with the Pepwave ‘surf on the go’ (7506). It went slow but it did work. There are several sets of instructions in one booklet that allows you to set up and configure it to work in different ways. Pepwave comes with cat cable. Essentially you connect up a usb to the Mobley, then the ethernet (cat) cable between the Pepwave and your computer. Connect up to the Mobley’s wifi with your computer then log into the Pepwave access page ( Follow the instructions to give the Pepwave the log in info for the Mobley (password for Mobley as well as create a password for your Pepwave then disconnect the ethernet, log out of Mobley and onto Pepwave (or whatever name you chose to give the Pepwave unit). You are done.