Pepwave Surf On-the-go Cellular Data Limit

I am using the Pepwave in cellular mode – and see a great feature re: setting Data Quotas. However, in testing I see the daily limit behaves just as comment (data flow continues). Am I missing something? Can the link be automatically shut down? Can an alert be sent (perhaps a text message to my phone)?

Thanks, Rick

The SOTG will not allow any traffic to go out of that USB modem, until reset/value changed if the data quota is set. If you could verify that the SOTG is on current firmware:

If the unit is on the above firmware build and is still passing traffic through the USB Modem after it reaches the Data Quota limit please open a support ticket on the following link. This will allow a technical member to take a closer look:

I will also, ping the advanced team regarding the warning limit set to see if there is a reporting service such as sending a email/text once it reaches the warning limit that is defined.

Many thanks for the fast response. I just updated to the latest firmware and will retest (by tomorrow morning).


Updating to the latest firmware did the trick. I’m a little chagrined that I didn’t update before posting this question…

Many thanks, Rick

Hey Rick,

Thank you for the update and good to here that everything is working!


There is a warning message in the dashboard of SOTG when it reaches the warning level and the limit.