Pepwave surf on the go bridge mode

ok can someone please explain bridge mode?
can it be used in place of the router mode? Will it work the same, just using the “main router” to handle the IPs etc?
Would this not mean it would be better/faster since it is not taking an extra step to assign addresses? Etc?
Dont both Essentially brodcast both in wifi and wired as well… so you can connect ether way? So they are they not basically the same except in bridge it does not create new addresses correct?
if someone could please clear all this up for me that would be great!!

Now on to my next question is how do you get this to work!!? As soon as I click the bridge mode button I am no longer able to get back into the web interface or connect to the pepwave surf on the go!! (I think somehow I was able to connect to it once but never have been able to get back into the settings/ web inferface) I have to do a hard rest to get it back to the factory settings to be able to connect back to it!

I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with all this!

Can you share how you deploy this unit and the reason bridge mode is needed?

Please find here to understand more on bridge mode. Once Surf On The Go configured as bridge mode, it will not handle IP. Once It only maintains the default IP ( for management purpose. If you need to access the Web UI of Surf On The Go, please configure your laptop IP to 192.168.1.x, connect to Surf On The Go with wired connection and access it with

Ok still can’t login in to the interface… can you not just be connected straight to the pepwave in bridge mode? Do you need it going in to a router or switch first? What’s the DNS sever address…

I basically wanted to know if bridge mode would offer faster speed, as extending/rebroadcasting the wifi cuts your speed in half… so does running in bridge mode allow for faster speed or using the Ethernet cable in in router mode offer the same speed no matter what mode it is in because it is not going through wifi? Again is the Ethernet port basically the same in either mode? If so why put it in bridge mode if you just need to take wifi and make it into a wired connection?

Please take note, Surf On the Go will not assign IP once it was configured as Bridge Mode. Hence, you have to configure static IP on your laptop.

Please find the screenshot above.

  1. I configured my laptop with static IP, subnet mask

  2. Then I hardwired my laptop to Surf On the Go.

  3. I access Surf On the Go with

You will not see the different of speed if Surf On the Go configured as Router or Bridge Mode.

Throughput will not cut into half if LAN or WAN is using wired connection.

Below is the allowed WAN mode when you configure Router or Bridge mode.

Router Mode

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Cellular

Bridge Mode

  • Wired
  • Wireless

Thanks, finally got in to the interface in bridge mode!
Ok so now can I get it to work (have internet) in bridge mode with the computer connected? Or do you need a router hooked up to it? There is a video on the internet showing bridge mode hooked up to a network phone, could you not just do this in router mode? Or are they just showing how it “bridged” from wifi to wire.
I understand it does not assign IP address in bridge mode but shouldn’t the first router just assign the IP address then pass it on through the “bridged” surf on the go? So again can I hook up my computer to the surf on the go in bridge mode to get internet?
Thanks so much! I really appreciate you help!

Please allow me to repeat my question here.

Can you share how you going to deploy this Surf On the Go? What is the problem you are facing now?

I can provide better advice after having understanding on your deployment and the problem you are facing.

Thank you.

There is no real problem right now… just trying to figure out how this bridge mode works fully… I might plan on using it to “repeat” a wifi singial to wifi signial without throughput being cut in half… for example main wouter wifi -to- pep wave (in bridge mode) -to- wifi router to have repeated wifi signal without the throughput being cut in half! So I have been Messing with it trying to see if a computer can connect to the main router through the pepwave in bridge mode without a router after it and if I hook up a wifi router to it will it just work or what settings would need to change etc… hope this all makes sense… just want to see if this would be possible with this before moving forward

Look like this is what you need.

If throughput is your concern, you may connect like this.

Hope this help.