Pepwave Surf on-the-go and inControl


I cannot get my SurfOnTheGo registered with InControl. I understand the the SOTG isn’t yet supported by inControl2.
The error is that the device has already been registered.

This is a brand new router. Is anyone else having this issue?


Pepwave Surf-On-The-Go And InControl

Hi Greg,

Can you PM the serial number to me?



What was the solution to this problem. I am having the same issue. My understanding my SOTG is not supported under InControl2 and Incontrol1 says device is already registered or invalid serial number.


@brettjeepski, can you PM your serial number? I need to check with the related team.


I can’t for the life of me find a way to PM? I click on you profile and I don’t see an option to do it?


@brettjeepski, here you go.


Is there a resolution to this ? I have the same problem: I have a SURF OTG, with the latest firmware, and cannot see how to enable incontrol2 for it.