Pepwave Surf On The Go and InControl?

I’m a bit confused …

I have a Pepwave Surf On The Go. If I look at this page (, it states InControl is possible.

However, on the InControl admin-page (‘add devices’ page), it says:

InControl 2 can check the warranty status of the following devices:

  • Peplink Balance family
  • Pepwave MAX family
  • Pepwave Surf SOHO
  • Pepwave Access Points

For InControl 2 to manage a device, it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Device needs to be in warranty
  • Device needs to be in the Balance or MAX family
  • Device needs to run Firmware version 6.1
    Neither of these conditions are met by the Pepwave Surf On The Go, I believe? If I try to add my Surf OTG in InControl, it says it can’t.

So my question: am I wrong, mistaken? Or is the product page wrong? I hope I am wrong, because I’d really like IC with my Surf OTG.

The Surf OTG is not yet supported on IC2 so you would need to use IC1 instead:

Thanks for replying so fast. I tried registering my OTG on IC1, but it says ‘invalid serial’ or ‘device already registered’. Both of which are not right:

  • I tried the correct serial, with dashes, and capitals as well as non-capitals
  • I once tried registering this same device on IC2, but off course that did not work

Firmware is the latest (1.0.22 build 1183).

How can I resolve this?

Please open a support ticket for further investigation: