Pepwave Surf Mini - 2011 Top Ten Products

Congrats to Pepwave!
Pepwave Surf Mini is listed in the Top 10 Products of 2011 from

We’re excited to announce that has recognized the Pepwave Surf Mini as one of its Top 10 Products for 2011. This award highlights the favorite products of 3Gstore’s customers and tech support personnel and is based on the following criteria:

  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Customer return rates
  • Tech support issues

The Pepwave Surf Mini is a versatile Wi-Fi bridge that allows users to connect to a Wi-Fi source and then repeat, relay, and extend that connectivity wirelessly. The Surf Mini also makes it easy to convert from wireless to wired access via an Ethernet port on the bridge. Whether you’re on the move, at the office, or even relaxing at home, Pepwave’s Surf Mini is a powerful, flexible, and space-saving connectivity solution.

Here’s what a few reviewers had to say:
*“The Pepwave Surf Mini was easy to set up and it does what it is advertised for. We use it in our house to pick up our Wi-Fi, which is out in the motorhome, and rebroadcast it so we have a stronger signal in the house to connect to.”

“I was set to spend over $700 to get my Wi Fi to another building. I called 3G customer service to be sure I was on the right track. Valerie set me straight and reduced my cost to $99. I now have a great signal in my shop and $600 in my pocket. Thanks for the great service. I will be back!”

“I’m very happy with the Pepwave Mini. It works great at home and in my car with the 12V cord. I’m using it with an iPod Touch 4G.”
Many thanks to 3Gstore, its customers, and its tech support pros for putting the Pepwave Surf Mini in the top 10 for 2011. We’re hard at work making the Mini and all our other products even better for 2012!

Learn more about Pepwave Surf and our newPepwave Surf On-The-Go.
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