Pepwave surf 200-dx plz helpp,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz


I would ask for help, if anything, may I have pepwave surf dx-200 router and I recently put into it new software 9.0.44, since my router is not working properly, can anyone tell me if there is software to send back to 9.0.33 the router, I can not find anywhere this software, please for help


I believe we already sent you the 9.0.50 firmware via email.


Hi tim , well i´m looking for a possible solution ; i have a pepwave surf200 cuz my sister give to me in a lats trip , i live in colombia and
the problem is , this ap does not work with my cisco e900 , i´m not secure if i in a correct line of this forum and a give to you my apologies !

please for help thanks



Can you share what you are trying to achieve between Surf 200 and Cisco E900?