Pepwave strange behavior

Good Day,

We have Pepwave AP One 300M that keeps on rebooting at any random time.

We know that the AP is rebooting because employees would complain that they’ve got disconnected.
Then when I try to access it’s web config, it takes time to load or fail (because it’s rebooting).
Of course it will reset the **up time **and never have I seen it to run a day or so.

Currently, the system is running firmware **3.4.1 build 1406, **though I have the latest firmware **3.5.3 build 1606.

Additionally, **I don’t use the latest firmware due to:

  • Wireless SSID fail to supply dhcp ip address with VLAN, but successes with SSID with no vlan and with current active firmware(3.4.1 build 1406).

Also, there lots of time, but not very frequent, suddenly we get disconnected to the internet and not be able to access the router (Peplink Balance One 6.3.1 build 2256). To fix I have to unplug-replug its power supply.
I’m suspecting that is something associated with the AP.

Thank You in Advance.

Please upgrade to v3.5.3s9. This should fix the reported issue. Please help to monitor whether AP still rebooting after upgraded to firmware above.

Thank you.

I’ll let you know as soon as the firmware is applied.

I have a question though, how do I get the latest firmware?
because when i checked here,
the latest version is just 3.5.3 build 1606, so that next time I upgrade I will know where to look.

Thank You.

I have provided the firmware here. Just click on the “v3.5.3s9”.

What I mean to say is, where do you get the latest firmware? because the link i told you,

only has the version 3.5.3 build 1606, but not the


3.5.3s9 has a firmware patch to correct the reported issue. The fix will be applied to the next GA version which will be available on our web site.

@TK Liew

The Access Point is till rebooting,
but compared to the older firmware it’s up time duration has improved,
but as I am saying, there still an issue which I couldn’t identify.


I just witnessed multiple reboots for reasons I don’t know

Thanks for the info. This could be a bug or hardware issue. Please open ticket for us the investigate further.

Thank you.

As much as I want to open ticket, i couldn’t because I don’t have the purchase details of this device.

What to do then?

Please PM me your serial number. I will help to open ticket.


Thank you for this, I was having same problem with version of 3.5.3-build1606 on Flex APs (no VLAN traffic routed). Does this s9 firmware fix this?

Yes, this firmware will fixed the reported issue.

Thank you.