Pepwave sotg support for karma go

i’m wondering if you have any support for plugging in karma go hotspot via usb into pepwave surft on the go (sotg)

It will work via Wi-Fi but more then likely, it will not connect since it is not apart of our current USB supported list but it may, just not guaranteed.
We would need to set this up and send it to engineering for driver creation.

See USB support list (bottom of page for unsupported modem instructions).

it displays a browser-based login with username and password on the karma go - kind of like a coffee shop internet.
i was hoping using the sotg would allow me to connect IOT devices to karma go since they cannot login with a browser
would peplink sotg support this kind of thing?

We do support Captive Portal Auto-Login where you can input the username/password in the SOTG for connected devices to bypass the splash page. SOTG only supports WISPr protocol so karma go would need to run off that protocol for this to work.