Pepwave Soho router and UML295 modem

Is there a workaround to get a UML295 4g modem to work with the Pepwave Soho router? The router connects to the modem but the device isn’t establishing a connection to the internet with an IP or DNS. The router is connecting correctly with hotspot modems but I wanted to use it with the USB devise as the primary connection option.

Suspect that this may related to the connection preferred setting for USB modem UML295 that cause the modem failed to get connected. Can you please try to change the USB UML295 modem settings to “auto connect” and see whether it will help ?

Detail info can be found at the URL below:

If you still failed to get the USB modem to work , please open a support ticket by following the URL below for support team to check on the issue.

My modem is a Pantech UML295, it is listed as a supported modem Modem Support Package 1011. The settings in my Pepwave router say the Modem Support Package is 1014. Does this mean I need a different driver?

Latest Modem Support Package normally will include the previous support package. So if you have the newer Modem Support Package and it should not cause any concerns here. Do you try the suggested settings for the USB modem ? We have case that after changing the USB connection settings the USB modem able to get connected.

If that still can’t make the modem to work please open a support ticket for support team to check.

Hi, yes I made sure the Operator Setting for the usb modem are set to Auto. I also connected to the modem by plugging direct to my PC usb port and made sure its settings were reconfigured to the factory defaults. When I plug it into the Pepwave router, the dashboard says it is connected but from my laptop I am unable to access the internet. It doesn’t appear that the modem is acquiring a public IP address or determining DNS service.

Good to heard that you able to get the USB modem connected. May i know where you purchase the SOHO device ? Can you please check with purchase point for the internet access issue ?

Hi, My USB modem works perfectly when used with a different router (Cradlepoint MBR95) or plugged directly into a USB port on my laptop. When I plug it into my Pep Wave Soho the router dashboard says it is connected to the router but I cannot access the internet with a device connected through the Pep Wave router. The issue definitely seems to be within the connection between the router and the modem.

Please open a support ticket for support team to check on the issue.