Pepwave OfficePoint 400

Hello all,

I just bought a used unit cause it’s what I can afford. I’m using a chromebox (really just a laptop running chrome os). I’m trying to connect to address in the manual but it’s not working. the manual says to log onto but to no success. Any suggestions?


Sorry to say this product has been discontinued and out of support.

Below are the user manual for the device that you can refer and hope this will help you.

Thank You

I know but can it still be used? I’m trying to set it up as Wi-Fi access point for my homeschool. If anyone can help me with that it would be great.


Please follow the instruction given for the user manual. If still having issue, try to factory reset the device.

After resetting the device and you still fail to access the device, this may related to hardware issue.

Thank You

ok, so i’m now able to see the configuration pages and i can see the nearby networks, however, i am not able to select any one of them to connect to it. here is a screenshot…

The OfficePoint 400 is a dedicated access point that creates Wi-Fi networks and is not a client device that would connect to an existing network. What are you trying to accomplish?

What I’m trying to do is used it similar to the way I used to with the Pepwave surf n go. I just want a way to use it to connect to say McDonald’s wifi and broadcast it to my kids computer securely.

As I mentioned earlier, the OfficePoint is an AP and not a client device. What you actually need is the Surf On-The-Go instead. Thanks.

I’m sorry, I’m not tech savvy. But I thought I could use it like the AP One cause they look the same. Is there any way to do so?

No this is not possible, none of our AP products have ever had this capability - including the AP One. You probably just got the products mixed up…

ok, can it be used as device connector?


As mention by Tim, this is two different range of Product.

Thank you