Pepwave Modems Supporting 1.2 Gbps (CAT 18)

I am trying to make some decisions on equipment procurement for our organization.

I see that one of Peplink’s competitors is selling Verizon Certified LTE Modems for their routers that support 1.2 Gbps download.

Does the MAX HD4 MBX have the capability to support 1.2 Gbps?


Hi Curt, we are currently working on getting the Cat 18 version of the MBX certified but we don’t have an exact availability date yet. Thanks

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If I buy twenty or so MBX routers in August, does Peplink have a plan to upgrade me (at no additional cost) to the CAT 18 version?


Hi Curt, I think the Cat 18 version will already be available for purchase in August. Thanks


Music to my ears.



Will this be the same price as the current MBX?
Could you please list the bands supported by this Cat 18 modem?
Will the price to upgrade the modems be as talked about (around €2000)
Many more questions to follow!
Thank You

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