Pepwave + MiFi M2000 - tethering?

Hi there - going full time in my camping trailer with my wife. looking for the best set up for internet as we both work full time. I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on what I’m looking to pull the trigger on.

Pepwave Balance 20X
Mobile Mark LTM408 Antenna
100GB Verizon Sim

I have also seen Calyx just came out with their 5G capable MiFi M2000 hotspot tmobile/sprint unlimited plan. Can I just tether my hotspot up to the system I mentioned above and get utilize the router and antenna? Or would I have to take the SIM card out of the hotspot and put it into the pepwave balance.

This is all new to me so trying to figure out the best and most reliable move. they are expensive purchases so really hard to kinda of test and learn without spending a lot of $$$.


PM me directly if you’d like us to assist with the purchase of your equipment and we can order it for you.
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FYI the 20x does not support wifi as wan.

Bumping this question to see if someone can confirm this with firsthand experience.

Again: The M2000 states it “supports tethering,” and the Balance 20X has the USB port to bring in an additional WAN source.

Has anyone had success with that setup? Any issues or other considerations there?

It doesn’t look like the USB list has been updated in a while. I can’t seem to find a current device on the list for US carriers.