Pepwave mbps are slower than cellular

I have the Pepwave Max Transit Duo Cat 12 with the Poynting 7-in-1 antenna (mounted on the roof of hte RV). The mbps speed ranges from 1-10 mbps no matter where I travel. However, if I disconnect my phone from the Pepwave the mbps received on the mobile is 40-100 mbps. I have not changed the basic settings in admin settings since the installation. I did create a 2.4G and a 5G SSID. Why is the Pepwave so slow and unstable?

Lets start with some basics…

What plan do you have in the peplink? Phone?

Is the plan subject to deprioritization or throttling? How many GB have you used in current billing cycle?

What band(s) is the peplink connecting to? Phone?

What signals do you see on the peplink for each band? Phone?

What phone? What modem does it have? How much CA versus peplink?

The Peplink has an AT&T and T-Mobile data cards with no throttling back or data limits. My phone is an iPhone XsMax.

I’m not a network person so I only know the very basics. So I the settings remain unchanged since purchasing the pepwave

You havent answered even basic questions I asked. For example, what plan specifically? Nearly all plans have deprioritization, throttling, and/or limits, especially when used in a data only device. If you have an enterprise plan with no limits, then please let us know.

I have an enterprise plan with no limits with AT&T and T-Mobile.

Do you have these plans directly with AT&T and T-mobile, or through a 3rd party? I’ve tried a 3rd party plan that sounded like this, but it did not perform reliably for me compared to plans directly with the carrier.

both are 3rd party plans.

The modem in your iphone is superior to the one in your Peplink. Simple as that.

In my rural area a cat 6 modem can do 40-50 mbps. I’d expect a cat 12 to be able to do better than that.

So how do you know they are enterprise plans? In most cases, based on what I have seen, they are not. The third parties many use have typically found some sort of loop hole and are re-selling consumer level plans. To get some clarification, what third parties? What is the exact plan name? Are they authorized resellers of the carrier?

@Robert_Hutchings your screenshot shows ATT at Priority 1 and T-Mobile at Priority 2… since both cellular plans are unlimited they should both be at priority 1. The way its setup now the T-Mobile will only be used if ATT is unreachable.

You can remove the default https persistence rule in outbound policy - and then change the default rule to “dynamic weighted balance” - making these changes will ensure load balancing across all WANs.

Additionally I would suggest deleting the built-in PEPWAVE_6EC6 ssid. Since you have your own SSID’s this is just unnecessary overhead.