Pepwave Max US Model works oversea?

I have a Pepwave Max HD2 or HD4 Verizon LTE model and intend to bring it to Europe, will the Pepwave be able to connect to local cellular network if I have roaming agreement with Verizon? Or do I need to purchase another Max HD2/HD4 when going oversea?


There is only one model of the HD4 - Its fully international
With the HD2, it depends on what networks you want to connect to.
Where are you planning on visiting?

None of the US versions will work on overseas LTE networks, it might connect at 2G or possibly 3G but not LTE. We do have the Euro/Int’l versions of the HD2/HD4 available and they will have an “E” in the product code.

Thanks. Turkey, Spain, France, etc. We are planning to have an European tour of our mobile demo center. 3G is enough for our servers’ heart beat and keep alive.

I have the MAX-OTG-4U one, bought from Amazon and brought it back here to the Philippines. It’ll be dependent on the USB sticks you use…

OTG will work with any supported USB modem.
BR1, HD2 & HD4 have built in modems which support different carriers depending on the model