Pepwave Max Transit


I’ve got a pepwave MAX Transit that is not even a year old that is giving me some issues. It has the latest 7.1 Firmware on but is rebooting and becoming unresponsive all the time when trying to connect to a Wifi WAN and then accessing the router via a Ethernet connection.
I’ve tried resetting to factory defaults and still nothing.
The unit wasn’t bought directly through pepwave and will be a mission to do RMA and all that kind of things so anyone had this issue before ?

I know I can’t roll back the Firmware so what now !?


RMAs are actually fairly straightforward even when not nought direct through Peplink. I’d suggest you log a ticket with Peplink. If it is faulty they will sort you out with a RMA.


Well normally, long story but the unit was not bought from a authorized reseller so won’t be that simple, also in a different country.



Martin is right, Peplink tries to help everyone as much as they can.

Have you already tried opening a support ticket?
If not, you can do that here:


Oooh a grey market Max Transit!

Even so, if you have proof of purchase and if its age tallies with Peplink’s records and you’re within the 12months you’ll still likely get an RMA if its found by engineering to be faulty from a hardware perspective.

First step is to log a ticket so they can take a look. Next step is to find yourself an official Peplink partner to buy from in the future :wink:


Hi Joey, yea I’ve given them a shout. We’ll see what they say. Just curious if someone has had some issues like this before.
Our MAX Br1 seems perfect


Hello @Myadmin,
I had a power supply that I replace and the MAX transit came good, something we often test when any unit is playing up is the power source, do you have another suitable power supply you can try?
Note the DC is not always clean DC, there can often be transient noise that will affect may electronic devices.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: