Pepwave Max Transit speeds

Hello. I recently bought one of these for my company. We rent production equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, etc.) and I added this to our inventory to fill a bandwidth gap for our clients. Since COVID’s emergence, there has been greater demand for remote monitoring of camera(s) shooting where wifi is not available. I needed a product that could push at least 2Mbps up. My speed tests have produced (varied) results averaging >1.5mbps. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I know that speeds will vary by carrier and location but still can’t get the speeds I’m looking for. Verizon is my primary sim. My secondary sim is ATT but the max’ UI shows the sim as ‘obtaining IP address’ and never really does. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that I’m no networking genius… Thanks!

Are you using external antennas for your LTE connections? Make sure that your ATT antenna connections, whatever they are, are tight. Set the ATT sim to Auto band selection. Make sure the ATT APN is ‘broadband’. Make sure that you ATT connection Network Mode is AT&T (this will give you the allowed bands to choose from), and that NAT is selected. Everything else can stay on defaults and/or Auto.

If you still don’t get a connection on ATT, you may just not have an ATT signal available in your location. Has the ATT sim ever worked?

joelbean, as it turns out, the ATT sim was never really activated though I was told it was. After a long discussion with them and giving the sim a new phone number it was activated. Speed is better than the VZ in my location so I’ve made it the primary. Again, thanks

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