Pepwave max transit schedule reboot

I could have sworn I saw a place to schedule reboots with the max transit. I don’t see it now, however. Am I missing something?

Hi @blaczero. Sure. It’s not on the “main” GUI pages. Navigate to https://[address of your router]:[port number of your router]/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi .
Then, look for something like this most of the way down the page …

While you are on that page you’ll likely notice many other excellent features and capabilities the nice folks at Peplink gave us. :grinning:

Wow thanks! Why isn’t that link exposed in the admin web page I wonder.

You are most welcome. My guess (and that only)? That page may be there to (1) keep folks from making dumb mistakes that would impair the functionality of the device and/or (2) to segregate functions that are rarely needed to as to “unclutter” the main GUI pages a bit. :nerd_face: Glad it worked for you!

When I try to access that link, it takes me back to the login screen. After login I’m back at the same admin web page. What am I doing wrong?

try a different browser/computer? update peplink device firmware?

That was it. The latest Safari on my M1 Mac didn’t work, but Chrome did. Thank you!