Pepwave MAX Transit Pro Docker Support

Does the Pepwave MAX Transit Pro support docker? Or is there a beta firmware release with support? Any help or information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Targeted this will be supported in firmware 9.0.0.

For the test firmware prior to the firmware 9.0.0 release, you can open a support ticket and discuss with support team for your requirements and support team should able to help on this ^^

Firmware 8.3.0 is now released, under the RC milestone, you may want to try it out the Docker feature on the Transit Duo Pro .

Thank you for the information and we will open a support ticket.

Will the Docker support come to other models as well? Looking at the specs the BR1 Pro 5G and CAT20 versions use the same SoC as the Transit Pro? Or is there a difference?

And are all these models using an ARM SoC? To know how useful the Docker support will be.

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Yes would love to see this on the MAX BR1 5G even if it’s an added price feature (hopefully just included with PrimeCare though for one or a few containers)

I have a Max Transit Pro running firmware 9.0.0 but the Docker settings are nowhere to be found. I can’t downgrade to the 8.3.0 prerelease either.

How can I test Docker of the device and when will it be supported in a release?

Can you tell us more about where these settings are in the 8.3 beta FW? We would like to explore this new option.

Thank you Sir

Yes this and can we get it on the very similarly equipped Max BR1 5G (and BR2), even if we have to pay extra for it? (would be nice to include a few containers in one of the primecare subscriptions though.