Pepwave Max Transit Portal Login Blocked

All of a sudden I can’t login to my network portal I’m now getting a security bock. It was working just fine for the last couple of weeks. Not sure what triggered this.
Your connection is not private|610x500

Try changing your computers IP address. If you enter the login details wrong too many times, the IP address gets blocked for a period of time.
Alternatively, you can use InControl2 to remotely access the device or reboot the device to clear the block.

Can you explain how to change my PC’s IP address?

It depends what type of computer you have.
You need to find your network settings and change the IP address from “DHCP” to static and then enter the following details;
IP address - 192.168.50.. ( can be any number between 2 and 253)
Subnet ask -
Router IP address -

You want the IP address to be different to what it currently is.
Once you have changed the settings, you will probably want to turn your wifi off and back on or disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable.

Once you have finished, don’t forget to change the network settings back to DHCP once you are finished